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Cable Ploughing

Streamline Connect installs cables using direct ploughing techniques. Our cable ploughs are purpose-built for optical fibre and communication cable installations with depths from 700mm to 1200mm.

Our well-maintained ploughs enable us to construct small to large projects to very high standards; whilst our direct ploughing techniques ensure we deliver high production capabilities, with all cables, caution tapes and guard wires laid at consistent specified depths.


Streamline Connect utilises the Telstra-accredited zero tension laying system for the installation of optical fibre cable.


We have completed many large fibre projects through Western Australia and South Australia using our Cat D7H, Cat D8T Dual Layer and Vermeer P185 dozers.

Our Vermeer P185 dozer is the smallest Telstra accredited dozer in the country, enabling cost effective fibre installation to a high standard in various ground conditions.


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