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Rock Sawing

For high productivity and low reinstatement costs Streamline Connect utilises Trencor and Ditchwitch Rock Saws.

Our Trencor 1360RS, is one of the largest manufactured rock saws in the world, and cuts a width of 230mm through solid rock to a depth of 1400mm.

Weighing 50 tonnes, this machine is powered by a 625hp engine and is capable of the highest production levels in the toughest terrain.

Our Ditchwitch 8020 Turbo rock saw is a smaller machine on rubber tyres, and is well suited to less demanding projects.

The 8020T weighs 5 tonnes and is powered by a 110hp engine; it cuts to a depth of 1000mm and widths to 160mm.

For tough applications or where the rock is less consistent most of our excavators have rock breaker attachments.

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